List of Accepted Papers
Long Papers
Anatomical Entity Recognition with Open Biomedical Ontologies
Sampo Pyysalo, Tomoko Ohta and Sophia Ananiadou
Resolving Speculation and Negation Scope in Biomedical Articles with a Syntactic Constituent Ranker
Jonathon Read, Erik Velldal, Stephan Oepen and Lilja Øvrelid
Mining Characteristics of Epidemiological Studies from Medline: A Case Study in Obesity
George Karystianis, Iain Buchan and Goran Nenadic
The Languages of Health in GP Electronic Patient Records: A Zipf’s Law Analysis
Leila R Kalankesh, Andy Brass, John New and Patricia Baker
Automatic Classification of Factuality Levels – A Case Study on Swedish Diagnoses and the Impact of Local Context
Sumithra Velupillai
Pathway Curation Support as an Information Extraction Task
Tomoko Ohta, Sampo Pyysalo, Sophia Ananiadou and Junichi Tsujii
Automatic Algorithm Selection for MeSH Heading Indexing Based on Meta-Learning
Antonio Jimeno, James G. Mork, Dina Demner-Fushman and Alan Aronson
Annotation of Biomedical Text with Gene Regulation Ontology: Towards Semantic Web for Biomedical Literature
Jung-Jae Kim, Xu Han and Watson Wei Khong Chua
Adapting the Cluster Ranking Supervised Model to Resolve Coreferences in the Drug Literature
Riza Theresa Batista-Navarro and Sophia Ananiadou
Topic Classification for Suicidology
Jonathon Read, Erik Velldal and Lilja Øvrelid

Short Papers
Statistical Approach to PubMed Query Reformulation
Tuan Luu, Andrew Gan Jian Wen and Jung-Jae Kim
Almost Total Recall: Semantic Category Disambiguation Using Large Lexical Resources and Approximate String Matching
Pontus Stenetorp, Sampo Pyysalo, Sophia Ananiadou and Jun'Ichi Tsujii
All Concepts at Once and One Concept at a Time in Clinical Concept Extraction
Manabu Torii, Kavishwar Wagholikar and Hongfang Liu
Applying N-Gram Language Modeling for Pattern Mining in Whole Genome Sequences
Madhavi Ganapathiraju, Mohamed Thahir and Asia Mitchell
Analyzing Disagreements among ICD-9-CM Coders
Seung-Cheol Baek and Jong C. Park
Ontology-driven Construction of Corpus with Frame Semantics Annotations
He Tan, Rajaram Kaliyaperumal and Nirupama Benis
Identifying Gene Expression Changes in Prostate Cancer Cells from the Literature
Hee-Jin Lee, Hyunju Lee and Jong C. Park
Task-specific Protein Tagging: an Experiment with BANNER on HIV-1/human Interaction Text
Daniel Jamieson, David Robertson and Goran Nenadic